How to Fall Apart with The Irish Cancer Society

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Our new series of How to Fall Apart has been made with the Irish Cancer Society.

Every person interviewed who has been through cancer speaks about the importance of finding their support group – a network of people who have been through the same thing, who normalise the experience, provide a sense of solidarity, of shared experience that confirms you are not the only person to have felt this way, and a sense of hope that you too will come out the other side. Covid means it is much harder to access those networks, so this series aims to act in their stead.

Covid also means that fundraising is now far more challenging for charities. Typically the ICS would  host fundraising coffee mornings in October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, to help raise money for the many services they provide. That cannot happen this year. Instead, online donations can be made at cancer.ie.

Over the course of October, breast cancer awareness month, we will have eight episodes, speaking to women who have experienced breast cancer, about diagnosis, treatment, living with cancer and the coping in the aftermath, and to various experts for their advice.


Cassie Delaney

Cassie Delaney

Founder of Tall Tales Media