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I’ve been working professionally for 12 years. I’ve accumulated over 9 years of study in my practice. I have had successes, failures, challenges and triumphs. I’m Fearghal. I’m an opera singer. 

One of the most incredible gifts this career offers you is what you get to give back. We get the opportunity to connect with so many, whether that be helping them heal, bringing them joy or challenging their outlook. 

Back in March, I was in a production of Carmen with Irish National Opera when the world was turned upside down.  Not only did the contract I had been working on for four weeks get cancelled, upcoming work started to be cancelled, postponed or left uncertain. I found myself wondering what the future held for me as an artist, and I won’t go too much into the deep depths of my thoughts, but let’s just say it was a difficult time. 

Things got a little bit more confronting when phrases such as “not essential” and “retrain and re skill” were being tossed about in the media. Like so many artists who were already putting survival plans in place for their career, there was a sudden feeling of a lack of support for the industry so many of us have invested our lives into.


Again, I don’t want to go into the doom and gloom of the many open hours that lay ahead of my days, but there was a struggle as to what to do next, and all my usual creative outlets didn’t seem to be giving me the comfort or answers I was looking for. 

But I am a Creative. I am an artist. 

For about 2 years now, the idea of a podcast had been niggling at me, and I had been bouncing ideas on and off. So I thought, well why not focus on the fear of where my career is going, the lack of support that I’m feeling for the arts industry and the admiration I have for all the artists during this time into one project. And why not make that project something that is brand new to me and has just been a little idea up until now. 

And so the journey of creating my first podcast series began. It got my creative juices flowing, lit a fire under me and reignited a spark for want of a more original motivational explanation. 

The work began, and I had a purpose again. I reached out to artists, and was humbled that they were willing to pop in and have a chat about this difficult time for The Arts. Researching the guests was inspiring and motivating. The conversations have been honest, powerful and eye-opening. The help and support was overwhelming, and the whole experience was transformational for myself as an artist. 

Let’s Talk About The Arts is a mission to uplift and support The Arts Industry and the artists working everyday to bring you the books, the articles, the music, the films, the TV programmes and the distractions that have got you through a very strange year, but have also been there for you your entire life.


Episode One: Let’s talk with Stephanie Dufresne

Episode One: Let’s talk with Tom Creed

Episode Three: Let’s talk Jason O’Neill Creed

Episode Four: Let’s talk with Tessy Ehiguese

Episode Five: Let’s talk with Paul Ryder

Episode Six: Let’s talk with Ranae Von Meding

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Fearghal Curtis

Fearghal Curtis

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