How to socialise again

How to socialise again

About this Podcast:

All Things Considered is a podcast that examines why we do the things we do.

Host Amelia Cullen covers a myriad of topics, gleaning insight from psychologists, experts and academics. Each episode is peppered with the real-life experiences of listeners who share details on things like their first sea swim to their enduring Taylor Swift obsessions.  

Amelia’s job is to find the connection and commonality in these experiences. In this episode, Amelia asks after so much time apart are we ready for the small talk and to be in a room of new people? 

Kate Lenehan also known as the Monday Coach, offers tips and advice for how to prepare for a return to socialising whether that’s after-work drinks, a huge party or bumping into someone you know on the street.

Meet your hosts:

Amelia Cullen

Researcher & Host of All Things Considered

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