Juvenalia 138: ABBA Gold track by track with Elaine Mai

Juvenalia 138: ABBA Gold track by track with Elaine Mai

About this Podcast: 

Juvenalia is a pop culture nostalgia show where Alan Maguire, Sarah Maria Griffin, and Ellen Tannam invite interesting people to tell them about something they were obsessed with when they were young; how they felt about it then and how they feel about it now. We’ve talked about books, films, tv shows, musicians, computer games; we’re interested in it all! It’s nice, you’ll like it.

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About this episode:

Artist/Producer Elaine Mai joins us on a track by track journey through an album that was huge for her as a child, ABBA Gold! There’s not much more to say than that. It’s an amazing album and we enthuse wildly about pretty much every song.

We covered ABBA in a more general sense back in episode 42 with Tara Flynn so if you want more ABBA chat after this then head over there.

Elaine is @elainemaimusic. Her brilliant album Home is out now and you should get it.

Alan is @alan_maguire. Juvenalia is his main thing right now.

Sarah is @griffski. Her many books are in all good bookshops and her many zines are at sarahmariagriff.com

Thank you to Dee McDonnell for our artwork.

We have a Patreon! You can get bonus episodes including our fortnightly show Started/Finished where we talk about the pop culture we started and finished in the previous two weeks. We also have some free lil bits of merch. It’s patreon.com/juvenalia

This episode was edited and produced by Alan.

Juvenalia is a Tall Tales podcast. Thank you Cassie.


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