Movies (And A Rap) Promising Young Woman & Minari

Movies (And A Rap) Promising Young Woman & Minari

Episode S01 EP06

About This Podcast:

Promising Young Woman & Minari

Step right up, MAAR is back and it’s more MAAR than ever! Expect movie and TV news, reviews, recommendations and light, ribald fun. Naturally, we finish with a 60 second rap related to the content of the episode. Disclaimer this week: two distinct segments of news were accidentally deleted after recording, meaning much/most of the rap makes literally no sense due to there being no context whatsoever. Apologies! Feel free to get in touch at or by DMing @moviesandarap on Instagram, and please like and share. Thank you xxx

Meet your hosts:

Alex Gogarty

Host of Movies (And A Rap)

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