Movies (And A Rap) In The Heights & Gone Gone Baby

Movies (And A Rap) In The Heights & Gone Gone Baby

Episode S01 EP10

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In The Heights & Gone Gone Baby

This is the end, my only friend, the end!In the season finale of Movies (And A Rap), we review Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new hit In the Heights, Ben Affleck’s modern classic Gone Baby Gone, and little known Netflix series gem On Becoming a God in Central Florida.As always, we run through the hottest Hollywood happenings from the past seven days, including: the notorious title of Zoë Kravitz’s upcoming directorial debut; live-action Disney news; Quentin Tarantino’s newly published novel; and a singular unfortunate event to recently befall Harrison Ford.Lastly, we’ll finish with the last rap of the series. This one has the most recognisable soundtrack, but the most unintelligible lyrics — my commiserations and apologies.Thank you very much for listening and supporting Movies (And A Rap)! If you’d like to get in touch (I love feedback), you can email me directly at or just send a DM to the Instagram @moviesandarap.Thanks again! xxx



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