Movies (And A Rap) Mare Easttown, Bo Burnham & Feel Good Movies!

Movies (And A Rap) Mare Easttown, Bo Burnham & Feel Good Movies!

Episode S01 EP09

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Mare Easttown, Bo Burnham & Feel Good Movies!

After a delay so long that it may as well be called a hiatus, we are back for the penultimate episode of Movies (And A Rap)!This week we’re reviewing hit HBO series Mare of Easttown, iconic millennial comedian Bo Burnham’s newest lockdown special Inside, and 2002 spy thriller The Sum of All Fears.We’ll kick things off by chatting about feel-good films and a few of my unexpected favourites. Also, as always, we’ll run through the hottest recent Hollywood news, and tie that all together in a 60 second rap conclusion. How strange!Next week is the last episode of the season, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Send us your thoughts, tips, reviews or requests by email at, or by DMing the Instagram account @moviesandarap. If you enjoyed the podcast, please consider sharing with a friend!Thank you for listening xxxP.S. I erroneously stated that Brad Pitt stars in The Sum of All Fears; it is of course Ben Affleck.P.P.S. I also stated this started as a “bi-weekly” podcast, which is incorrect. It started weekly! Woe is me and my ambition.

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Alex Gogarty

Host of Movies (And A Rap)

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