My Favourite Album with Claire Beck

My Favourite Album with Claire Beck

Episode S01 EP03

About This Podcast:

Music and culture writer, Andrea Cleary is joined by well known names to discuss their favourite albums, how it shaped their lives and what it means to them now.

The first series features musicians, a comedian, a DJ, and media personalities as they all explore different genres from avant-garde choices to pop bangers and indie music, and even a Disney soundtrack. 

An original production with Tall Tales Podcasts, produced by Fearghal Curtis.

On this weeks episode of My Favourite Album with Andrea Cleary, Andrea is joined by DJ, host, producer, roller skater and van owner, Claire Beck to chat about her favourite album from avant-garde musician and artist Laurie Andreson, Big Science.

Meet your hosts:

Andrea Cleary

Host of My Favourite Album

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